50th Anniversary Contest Winners

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Contest Winners Connor & Lexi Kokott pictured during their tour as they search the Museum for the items needed

Mukwonago Historical Society Announces Contest Winners

Contest Winner Savannah Johnson

Contest Winner Bella Ipsa

Contest Winners Jillian & Amelia Craig

Mukwonago Historical Society Announces Contest Winners

As a part of the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Mukwonago Historical Society at the Red Brick House & Museum, Sue Maslowski, a longtime member of the Museum Board, devised a contest in which the young people of Mukwonago and the surrounding area could participate.

We are pleased to announce that the contest winners were Lexi and Connor Kokott, Amelia and Jillian Craig, Bella Ipsa, all of Mukwonago, and Savannah Johnson of Muskego.

How the Contest Worked

Over the years, various items of historical interest had been donated to the Museum and have been displayed in various exhibits and in different places in the house. The Museum also had photos and snapshots of the interior rooms which showed where some of those objects had been on display in the past. Some current photos of items on display were also then taken. All of these photos, old and new, were then combined into booklets which contest entrants would be given. The object of the contest was for the contestants to find and record where in the Museum twenty one different items were currently displayed and what each item was, based upon their own observations and what they learned during the Museum tour. The entries were then judged and awarded points for the most correct answers.


As prizes, each of the winners received a different book, all of which dealt with an aspect of life in Wisconsin during the 19th century, together with a gift certificate for a meal at the Mukwonago Culver’s restaurant.

Congratulations to all the winners!